12 Weight-reduction plan and Vitamin Myths Folks Nonetheless Consider In

A scroll by means of your social media feed and group chats forwards will deliver you throughout a number of assured ideas and tips to make use of meals as a treatment for a lot of illnesses. Sadly, this digital period of quick content material creation proves to be straightforward to perpetrate meals and diet myths by unlicensed people. Moreover, we’re additionally passing down on non-scientifically backed recommendation technology upon technology. Sadly, virtually all of us are responsible of not verifying the authenticity of such “recommendation” and passing them on ahead.

We at HealthifyMe have taken upon us the duty of debunking the 12 most typical food regimen and diet myths believed by most.

12 Widespread Weight-reduction plan and Vitamin Myths

Fantasy 1: Detox Diets Lead To Weight Loss

One of the vital widespread myths you need to have come throughout is a detox food regimen to shed a number of kilos off. In a nutshell, it means recommendation for crash weight-reduction plan or juice-only diets for days. 

Rationalization: Whereas such excessive diets appear to be working at first, they’re neither sustainable nor everlasting. The ensuing weight reduction is short-term. Lengthy-term consumption of such diets leads to extreme deficiencies within the vary of important vitamins required for the maintenance of your physique. Extended detox diets result in extreme intestine disturbances, pimples breakouts, excessive hair fall, weak point and cravings because of the lack of important macro and micronutrients in your physique. 

What to do as an alternative: Any change in your food regimen with the aim of weight reduction needs to be balanced when it comes to vitamins. It ought to meet your minimal calorie requirement for it to be worthwhile. 

Fantasy 2: Say No To Favorite Meals

What number of occasions have you ever mentioned no to even the tiny piece of your favorite chocolate? Is it as a result of individuals round you’ve gotten guilt-tripped you? We’re right here to let you know that fully denying your self treats shouldn’t be the fitting technique to go about weight reduction.

Rationalization: This one is extra of awful recommendation than a meals fable. What’s more likely to occur if you happen to strictly abstain out of your favorite meals? If you deny and don’t indulge your self, you finally give in to your cravings. Because of this, abandon all efforts to take care of a nutritious diet sooner or later. Additionally, keep in mind that the emotional impact in your thoughts will additional result in the discharge of cortisone in your physique. This stress hormone will get transformed into physique fats.

What must you do as an alternative: The important thing right here is being aware and never overeating. Life is all about stability, so use your favorite meals as optimistic reinforcements. In any case, what’s the usage of making important way of life adjustments if they’re counterproductive to your high quality of dwelling by the tip of the day?

Fantasy 3: Magic Meals For Fats Loss 

The web is filled with articles detailing uncommon recipes. They declare that they will magically burn down your stomach fats inside a number of days, regenerate your hair progress, or flip you into a star lookalike.

Rationalization: There is no such thing as a scientific proof of the existence of those “superfoods”. Suppose you don’t accommodate extra measures in your life focusing on the issue areas. In that case, the job stays half finished, and no meals or recipe will help you to realize your required outcomes. 

What must you do as an alternative: Together with a well-balanced food regimen, it’s essential keep an everyday sleeping sample whereas caring for your physique’s general bodily and psychological well being. Solely when your physique is in full concord with itself will you be capable of see any important affect.

Fantasy 4: Say No To Egg Yolks

One other outstanding meals fable is that egg yolks are fattening, and it is best to keep away from them.

Rationalization: There was a standard false impression amongst individuals that every one fat are dangerous on your well being. As a consequence of advertising gimmick, one other fable propagated is that dietary ldl cholesterol inflates blood levels of cholesterol. In actuality, it’s your trans fats and excessive quantity of saturated fats consumption that alleviate your coronary heart circumstances. Alternatively, Eggs can show useful on your well being because of their excessive protein and vitamin content material.

What must you do as an alternative: To make sure a wholesome coronary heart and glowing kin, embrace egg yolks as part of your each day food regimen as they’re a superb supply of Omega3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, D, E, Okay, together with folic acid. Simply be sure to cook dinner the egg completely to keep away from any bacterial infections.

Fantasy 5: Carbs Make You Fats

How usually have you ever been suggested to chop your carbs to get the specified weight? Sadly, the prevalent perception is that carbohydrates play the function of solely making you achieve weight.

Rationalization: Carbohydrates, in fact, ought to make up for 50-60 % of your calorie consumption in a well-balanced food regimen. As per diet and science, carbs are the first supply of sustenance. They supply your physique with the required power to hold on all bodily capabilities. As well as, they additional assist keep good intestine well being, blood sugar ranges, and muscle mass.

What must you do as an alternative: Moderately than eradicating carbs out of your diets, it’s essential reduce down on the hidden sugar content material in meals you devour. These sugars are hidden not solely in your drinks but additionally in savoury stuff, together with deep-fried meals. So as an alternative, supply your carbs in the correct quantity and high quality from rotis, rice, pasta, dosas, and different fibre wealthy cereals.

Fantasy 6: Ladies Consuming Milk For Robust Bones

Ladies are urged in all levels of their lives to extend milk consumption for one course of or one other, starting from being pregnant to lactation and menopause. The parable of ladies needing milk for stronger bones is a results of one other advertising gimmick.

Rationalization: A number one examine carried out by Harvard has confirmed no hyperlink between elevated milk consumption and assembly ladies’s calcium necessities. It additional states it doesn’t stop osteoporosis.

What must you do as an alternative: Suppose you might be lactose illiberal or simply not an enormous fan of milk. In that case, you possibly can meet your each day calcium necessities from different sources like ragi and soybean. As well as, inexperienced leafy greens like spinach, dill leaves and broccoli might be your alternate sources of calcium every time your palette calls for a break from dairy merchandise.

Talk to a certified HealthifyMe nutritionist today!

Fantasy 7: Folks with diabetes Ought to Keep away from Fruits

The primary recommendation any diabetic individual receives is to keep away from fruits. As a consequence of their sugar content material, fruits have developed a nasty title. They don’t contribute to growing an individual’s blood sugar degree.

Rationalization: Most fruits have low glycemic index ranges, indicating they don’t trigger any steep rise in your blood sugar. Fruits show to be a superb supply of fibre, nutritional vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which assist handle your blood sugar ranges. As a consequence of their well being advantages, fruits help in opposition to problems because of long-standing diabetes and even extra weight achieve.

What must you do as an alternative: Take note of the glycemic load or the portion of your fruit serving and the time of consumption. Embody 2 servings of fruit per day – one needs to be a perennial fruit corresponding to an apple or banana and the opposite needs to be a seasonal fruit. Whereas regulating the portion dimension—the time of consuming fruits additionally issues. So benefit from the most dietary profit out of your favorite fruits.

Fantasy 8: Eight Glasses Of Water A Day

Our physique comprises near 70% water. Nonetheless, it’s a wholly false false impression that it’s essential drink two-three litres or about eight glasses of water each day to stop dehydration.

Rationalization: Water is certainly the marvel beverage for the physique. It retains in examine the metabolism and hydration ranges and manages general physique well being. Nonetheless, there is no such thing as a science-backed definitive amount of each day water consumption. 

What must you do as an alternative: You be the choose. The most effective indicator of whether or not your physique requires extra water is your urine. Monitor the color of your urine, which ought to ideally differ between mild yellow to clear. The lighter the color, the extra hydrated your physique is. In case you might be affected by a chilly or fever or have taken on a brand new prescription of multivitamins, then hold your water consumption barely above common days.

Fantasy 9: Sugar Causes Diabetes 

With a restricted understanding of ailments and the way the physique capabilities, a standard fable is that the direct consumption of sugar causes diabetes. It’s fairly a prevalent perception that consuming sugar is the one purpose individuals flip diabetic sooner or later.

Rationalization: The World Well being organisation accountable for establishing worldwide dietary requirements recommends an consumption of as much as 5 teaspoons of sugar day-after-day. Although extra sugar has robust hyperlinks with individuals creating diabetes, it isn’t the only real contributor to excessive blood sugar ranges, as inferred by WHO’s tips. Diabetes might be genetically inherited or come up because of physique weight, restricted bodily exercise, and even an unbalanced food regimen.

What must you do as an alternative: Select your sugar sources properly and keep away from these meals/ beverage objects the place sugar ranges are past your management in changes. Being aware and making sensible meals and way of life decisions can assist scale back your threat of getting diabetes.

Fantasy 10: No B12 Deficiency In Meat-Eaters 

Consuming a non-vegetarian wealthy food regimen fulfils the physique’s requirement of Vitamin B12.

Rationalization: Though meat, fish and eggs are glorious sources of vitamin B-12, you could possibly nonetheless be poor on this specific vitamin regardless of wealthy sources of consumption. The explanation right here shouldn’t be the servings of your meat portion; as an alternative, your physique’s absorption capability might be much less. For many micro-nutrients, their absorption relies upon solely on good intestine well being. Sadly, alcohol consumption, extra antacids, an unbalanced food regimen, and stress contribute to poor intestine well being.

What must you do as an alternative: It could be finest if you happen to boosted the pro-biotics (good micro organism current in your intestine) for higher absorption of Vitamin B12 and different micronutrients. 

Fantasy 11: Eat Uncooked Meals

You might want to eat uncooked meals to keep away from the lack of vitamins throughout cooking.

Rationalization: Okay, we’ll chew when wanted. However we are going to take pleasure in healthful and engaging meals too. There’s some reality from the place this fable originates. Warmth publicity to uncooked greens does affect some water-soluble nutritional vitamins negatively once you cook dinner them. Nonetheless, consuming cooked meals is considerably higher than uncooked meals for higher intestine well being. The cooking course of releases some enzymes that break down fibres current within the meals and enhance the provision of micronutrients. 

What must you do as an alternative: Together with greens in your food regimen is probably the most mandatory half on the finish of the day. After all, you possibly can select to have completely different sorts of salads. However stability it out with cooked greens. That ensures higher assimilation of all micronutrients and good functioning of your intestine.

Fantasy 12: Select Something Brown

Be it rice, sugar or bread or eggs- brown meals are higher than their white counterparts.

Rationalization: This meals fable made waves and was propagated closely by self-proclaimed “Well being Cooks”, and it continues to make rounds. Let’s debunk this fable one meals at a time.

The color of your bread shouldn’t be the deciding issue of its dietary worth. For instance, suppose the brown bread you purchase comprises refined flour, added meals preservatives, and colouring. In that case, it’s no extra nutritionally superior to a loaf of white bread. Whereas brown rice is greater in fibre than white rice, phytic acid hinders the absorption of micro-nutrients and causes a number of gut-related points.

When it comes to energy, white sugar, brown sugar, jaggery, honey, and coconut sugar are related, with negligible variations of their dietary worth. The one distinction between brown sugar and white sugar is the presence of molasses within the former, giving it a brownish look. The eggshells don’t outline dietary worth both; the color distinction is because of variants within the breed of the hen.

What must you do as an alternative: As an alternative of color, select your bread and different baked goodies based mostly on their ingredient lists? In rice, it’s higher to eat least polished with a aspect of greens, legumes and rooster to stop gut-related problems and overeating. Overconsumption of brown sugar shouldn’t be good both. It isn’t extra nutritionally useful than the white selection. Portion management is the important thing to any profitable food regimen plan.


With these myths debunked, the most important takeaway for you is to not fall prey to unverified sources of meals myths. As an alternative, at all times search for sources backed with knowledgeable opinion and examine the dietary data accessible for the meals you devour. HealthifyMe, India’s main app for wholesome dwelling, might be of immense assist in debunking a number of the meals myths. So subsequent time, don’t fall prey to a catchy article with a headline claiming, “7-day detox food regimen to make you lose 10 kgs”. 

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