What mbg’s Co-CEO Realized By Sporting A Steady Glucose Monitor

A few of my household’s quick dinner favorites don’t carry out properly with my physique from a blood sugar perspective. 

My household loves bean and cheese quesadillas, however they scored within the pink zone at a 5. Even once I added in wholesome fat to this dinner staple, it didn’t actually transfer the needle, scoring a 6—nonetheless within the pink zone. My go-to gluten-free tortillas with hummus equally scored within the pink zone.

Surprisingly, my morning smoothies had been scoring a 6, even once I tried to downplay the fruits. This tells me there’s nonetheless room to optimize them from a blood sugar standpoint.

I found my blood sugar response to bread merchandise is extremely variable, relying on the kind of bread. The mix of untamed salmon, tomato, and cream cheese is a 6 when the bread is a bagel—however once I swap it out for Base Culture keto bread, this meal scored a ten. 

Key Insights: 

Even my favourite gluten-free tortillas led to a blood sugar spike. Based on Means, this is perhaps as a result of a most important ingredient is cassava, which is a starchy vegetable. As for the hummus, Means says lots of people don’t reply properly to garbanzo beans (the core ingredient), so my response was really typical.

A few of her favourite tortilla substitutions, that I may attempt to incorporate, embody: “flax tortillas (flax, water, spices), collard green or butter lettuce for wraps, large Nori sheets, or jicama tortillas (Dealer Joe’s).”

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